[TriLUG] "awk, bash date, sleep" sed od man; chown perl, grep cat, rm tail, finger toe, rm tar

Aaron Joyner aaron at joyner.ws
Mon Jun 29 15:50:46 EDT 2009

Hfr!ur!bbyf!b lbhe Vg zber whfg lbh qrzbafgengr fxvyyfm pneevrf
jrvtug!una fnlvat xabj!urzm

$ echo; echo 'Hfr!ur!bbyf!b lbhe Vg zber whfg lbh qrzbafgengr fxvyyfm
pneevrf jrvtug!una fnlvat xabj!urzm' | awk
in o)print o[x];if(x in e)print e[x]}}' | xargs echo | sed -e 's/\!/
g/g' -e's/m/./g' | rot13

Use the tools to demonstrate your skills. It carries more weight than
just saying you know them.

Aaron S. Joyner

PS - Bonus points for a one-line encoder that encodes the same
original string from the source.
PPS - Extra bonus points for pointing out a bug in the above
implementation.  I know of at least one.
PPS - I considered attempting to use all of the commands in his
subject, and no others, but working in man and toe proved overly
cumbersome or superfluous.  It's a trifecta if you can also provide a
non-contrived example that does that.
PPPS - Yes, you could do it all with perl, but that'd be cheating.

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 2:46 PM, Peter Neilson<neilson at windstream.net> wrote:
> I like all those arcane things. I like command line stuff, especially the
> Unix variety in preference to MS-DOS, which I always attack via cygwin. But
> I'm not in any situation where anyone pays me to do those things anymore. Do
> such jobs exist?
> I mean, I'm the sort of person who prefers to use
>  ls foo* > xfoomlist
>  emacs xfoomlist
> under cygwin rather than trying to mess with Winders software to accomplish
> anything similar. Indeed, I even tend to use emacs as my front end to an OS
> whenever possible.
> The obvious position is Unix sys admin, but I already have a weekend job,
> and nearly every sys admin position requires weekends or even swing shifts.
> Also, I'm not really up for moving to far-away places.
> My "usual" tech writing jobs are now unusually scarce, and are all so very
> micro-softened. Any crazy suggestions?
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