[TriLUG] "awk, bash date, sleep" sed od man; chown perl, grep cat, rm tail, finger toe, rm tar

Aaron Joyner aaron at joyner.ws
Wed Jul 1 11:42:13 EDT 2009

My intent was to indicate that creating something obfuscated and/or
impressive looking to the untrained eye in Perl is pretty much par for
the course.  Some will tell you this is a fault in the language,
others will tell you it simply comes with a more powerful and
expressive language.  Taking a side on that debate on a public mailing
list is unlikely to win you friends, or influence anyone at all.  :)

I was surprised no one had taken up the challenge (I gave you the
cipher text, the plain text, *and* the decoding algorithm), so I went
to go check my work for errors and discovered that:
1) line wrapping really butchered things
2) rot13 is part of the 'bsdgames' package in Jaunty Jackalope (which
I find particularly hilarious)
3) bsdgames isn't installed by default

An 80column friendly version:
$ echo; echo 'Hfr!ur!bbyf!b lbhe Vg zber whfg lbh qrzbafgengr fxvyyfm '\
'pneevrf jrvtug!una fnlvat xabj!urzm' | awk '{s=int(NF/2);for(x=1;x<=s;x++)'\
'if(x in o)print o[x];if(x in e)print e[x]}}' | xargs echo | \
sed -e 's/\!/ g/g' -e's/m/./g' | rot13

Maybe that version will get someone to tackle it.  Or maybe I'm giving
to much of the answer.  Perhaps less is more:
Htslwfyzqfyntsx, dtz mfaj zshtajwji ymj sty-xt-nsyjwjxynsl hqjfw yjcy.
 Jrfnq rj bnym dtzw rjymti.  Qjy rj pstb nk dtz btzqi qnpj xtrjymnsl

Aaron S. Joyner

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 10:12 PM, Tarus Balog<tarus at opennms.org> wrote:
> On Jun 29, 2009, at 9:04 PM, Peter Neilson wrote:
>> Aaron Joyner wrote:
>>> PPPS - Yes, you could do it all with perl, but that'd be cheating.
>> I got into perl one day when I was finding bash too cumbersome and/or
>> slow. Perl isn't cheating any more than C is, unless you're a "real man" who
>> codes in ones and zeros. (Did you know that the original Burroughs B5000
>> Algol compiler was hand-coded in numeric machine instructions? And that the
>> compiler was a limited one-shot edition intended to compile only one thing:
>> the Algol version of the same compiler. There was no assemply language or
>> assembler for the B5000, B5500, B65000 series. Were they cheating?)
> I think he Aaron meant that for this exercise the goal is to do it with as
> many low level commands as possible, not that, in general, using perl or any
> higher level language is cheating.
> -T
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