[TriLUG] Rejecting emails for which the sender is the recipient in Postfix

Warren Myers volcimaster at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 19:22:07 EDT 2009

The only thing I'd caution is that if you use your email like I do at times,
for taking notes and sending yourself reminders so you have them when you
get back to your $other machine, then this is a bad idea :)
However, you could use a simple procmailrc that would nuke messages if the
sender is you && the recipient is you.

It'd look similar to the following:


# only allow mail from !me5185880339 at vtext.com

* ^From*myuser.mydomain.com
* ^To*myuser.mydoamin.com



On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 11:09 AM, Randy Barlow
<randy at electronsweatshop.com>wrote:

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> Howdy all!  I've been cracking down on spam on my electronsweatshop.com
> setup, and I'm almost where I want to be.  I recently started using
> spamass-milter to reject mail that gets a spam score over a certain
> limit, which has been great.  Now I'm noticing that a lot of the spam
> that gets rejected has me listed as the sender and the recipient, and so
> the bounce messages still come to me, which is annoying.  I'd like to
> just reject mail that has me listed as the sender and the recipient.
> I've come across postfwd in Google - a mail filter that let's you make
> some rules, but I'd really prefer a postfix or spamassassin config that
> doesn't require installing additional software.  What does the TriLUG
> oracle do about these types of spam?
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