[TriLUG] Recommendations for web-based remote terminal?

John Broome jbroome at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 11:19:43 EDT 2009

Mark Kempster wrote:
> I'm having trouble ssh'ing from $WORK to $HOME via the usual suspects.
> I know port 80 is open, and I remember seeing some magical gizmo that
> seemed to host a terminal-like session in a browser, but that was more
> functional than webmin's one-command-at-a-time interface.
> My two objectives are easy-to-deploy, and most-like-an-xterm.
> Any packages you've used that you particularly like? Dislike?

I don't have a browser terminal suggestion, but in the spirit of the
trilug list and proposing something you didn't ask about: What about
having SSH at home listen on 80 or 443?

I set up a machine at home doing that so I can ssh from the hotspot at
Staples that only allows web traffic.  ssh -D FTW.

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