[TriLUG] Ubuntu and KVM

Brian McCullough bdmc at bdmcc-us.com
Tue Aug 18 21:58:19 EDT 2009


I have just inherited a new Ubuntu Jaunty server ( 9.04, of course ),
and need to build a set of virtual guest machines.  ( the previous
sysadmin decided that it was too hard for him )

My experience with Xen 3 is helping, and I have been trying to go 
through the Ubuntu wiki documentation, but I have a few questions left.

The first has to do with communication.  I have been going through the
various pages and man pages, virsh, virt-install, virt-image, and others
that I don't remember just now.  In virsh there is the console command,
but it just comes back and says "No console available for virtual
domain."  From Xen, I remember being able to start a console from the
command line and watch the guest go through all of its boot messages.

Is there some configuration option that is not defaulted that I need to
set to get access to the console?

I am able to create virtual machines, start them and stop them, but so
far, can't seem to communicate with them.



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