[TriLUG] Ubuntu and KVM

Jason Herr hobie at mail.com
Wed Aug 19 14:12:59 EDT 2009

I ran into this earlier...   Here's what I used for Ubuntu:


Basically, you set up a bridge interface and run your server's network 
through it.  You can then configure the vm's xml file to use it and/or 
put the change into the template file for libvirt.   There are 
side-effects.  Root access is needed to bring up the tap access for the 

There were assumptions made in that document that I'm still not sure I 
get.  NetworkManager fights against that process pretty hard, so you'll 
need to disable it (my update to the wiki).  Also, I'd suggest doing 
this configuration change locally or via a IP-based KVM switch since 
you're so far away.  My server got knocked off the net doing this the 
first time.  (FWIW, I work for a company that makes IP based KVM 
switches, and lemme tell you, it's nice, especially with virtual media).


Brian McCullough wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 01:41:19PM -0400, Alan Porter wrote:
>>> Should have approached this one earlier.
>> I am waiting for you to collect all of this info, and then
>> compile it into a presentation for the LUG...
>> "A practical guide to modern (kvm/xen) virtualization"
> Oh, great.  A heckler in every crowd.
> B-)
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