[TriLUG] old rackmount hardware needed

jason tower jtower at cerient.net
Wed Aug 19 14:17:01 EDT 2009

i have a client that is shooting a video and needs old rackmount hardware for
the before part of a before/after segment.  doesn't have to be functional,
although the ability to power on and show blinkylights would be nice (but not

- racks
- shelves
- servers (pref w/ rails)
- network gear
- lots of random cables (power, ethernet, serial)

the bigger the better on hardware - i'd rather have one 8u server than eight
1u servers.  just need to fill up as many racks as possible and have it look
crappy.  and before you ask - no, we can't shoot your server room.

i can't promise any money for the hardware (if you have a lot i might be able to 
arrange something for your trouble) but we'll either pick it up or pay a
reasonable "transport fee" if you deliver it to us in downtown raleigh.  either 
way we'll handle disposal of all hardware at the end of the shoot, unless you 
want it back for some reason.  racks are the exception - i might be able to 
arrange a "rental payment" if you have something we can borrow for a few weeks.

email me offlist for more info, thanks

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