[TriLUG] Trouble with Squid

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Sun Aug 23 19:30:32 EDT 2009

You are correct. The internal server, is the one to which I 
am trying to connect. I'm trying to connect http to 8222 and https to 
8333, no apache, but tomcat.

As for iptables, I have added 8222 and 8333 to the server. I disabled 
the firewall to verify before I sent the email. :)

I'm wondering if I need to put the "bypass" on the router to this 
server, i.e. "all traffic except requests to to proxy"

On 08/22/2009 11:15 PM, Kristopher Kane wrote:
> You didn't say which internal sever is being blocked but you have one
> listed.  Is the one being blocked: ?
> Which port is giving you problems?... and the output of 'iptables -L
> --line-numbers' on the destination could help.
> Since the server is internal, could a resolution from /etc/hosts be
> sending you directly to the server which is in turn denying you since
> you didn't come from the proxy?  This will depend on whether you are
> doing the proxy from the browser or from a router redirect.
> -Kristopher Kane
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