[TriLUG] Cellular repeaters

Brian Cottingham spiffytech at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 10:11:53 EDT 2009

I have a friend who bought a repeater to alleviate the poor coverage for his
Verizon BlackBerry in his home north of Hillsborough . At his house we were
previously lucky to get one bar of signal, but with the repeater installed
our phones got five bars and never had trouble placing calls, texts, and
emails again.

The installation was pretty easy, as I remember. Just plug in the power and
place it near a window so it can get as much signal as possible.


On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 9:49 AM, Matt Pusateri <mpusateri at wickedtrails.com>wrote:

> Trilugers,
> I'm looking at putting in a cellular repeater in the office, since I'm
> having a hard time getting notifications from Nagios/OpenNMS.   Has anyone
> put one of these in before and have any recommendations.   What I'm looking
> for is first hand experience if possible.  I'm on AT&T but I think I'll put
> a dual band unit in b/c I think we have people on different carriers, and I
> might as well improve everyone's coverage.
> Thanks,
> Matt P.
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