[TriLUG] Cellular repeaters

Keith Johnson kjohnson at northcarolina.edu
Fri Sep 4 10:33:40 EDT 2009

I installed a dual-band Wilson Soho/PCS repeater at $work. The repeater works as advertised but the building structure, depending on materials used (metal, wood...), will obviously impact the coverage area. An open space like a lobby or cubicle area is ideal for the unit. With the 9dB external antenna I chose, the unit was roughly $625.


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I'm looking at putting in a cellular repeater in the office, since I'm  
having a hard time getting notifications from Nagios/OpenNMS.   Has  
anyone put one of these in before and have any recommendations.   What  
I'm looking for is first hand experience if possible.  I'm on AT&T but  
I think I'll put a dual band unit in b/c I think we have people on  
different carriers, and I might as well improve everyone's coverage.


Matt P.
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