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John Franklin franklin at elfie.org
Sat Sep 5 19:24:18 EDT 2009

That's just it, Purple Elephant isn't computer recycling, it's  
computer reuse.  Yes, there are lots of electronics recyclers in the  
DC area, including the EPA [1], but what I'm looking for is someone  
who will take really old hardware and put it to good use.


[1] http://www.epa.gov/oei/ecycling/

On Sep 5, 2009, at 2:59 PM, Galen Johnson wrote:

> Just Google for Computer Recycling....there are several sites out  
> there that have links to electronics recycling centers and what they  
> will and won't take.
> =G=
> John Franklin wrote:
>> [Crossposted to both NC and DC lists, e-mails redacted.]
>> I saw the posts below on the North Carolina System Administrator's  
>> and TriLUG lists about a place that accepts really old computer  
>> equipment.  Does anyone know of a similar place up in the DC area?
>> jf
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>>> There is a group in Raleigh called the purple elephant.  They take  
>>> pretty much all old computer equipment and they fix it and either  
>>> sell or give to needy children, schools, etc.  It is located right  
>>> off of Glenwood Road.  Great way to get rid of your old junk and  
>>> help others at the same time.  Plus it is a write off.  Here is a  
>>> link to the web address....great organization.
>>> http://purpleelephant.org/supporters-donors.html
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>>>> Subject: [NCSA-discuss] OT: free computers, monitors, palm,  
>>>> ethernet gear,    tapes, cables
>>>> (Some of this stuff is from previous TriLUG giveaways)
>>>> Please contact me off-list
>>>> jmack at xxxx.xxx
>>>> (h) 919-401-2057 (before 9pm please)
>>>> http://www.mapquest.com/maps?&city=Durham&state=NC&address=5112%20Longwood%20Dr&zipcode=27713
>>>> First come first served. Would like to have this gone by the
>>>> end of the weekend if possible (I will give everything the
>>>> old heave-ho at the end of the weekend otherwise).
>>>> Joe
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