[TriLUG] Really off to the left --OS fpr Palm Treo 700p

Jeff Schornick jeff at schornick.org
Mon Sep 7 19:59:01 EDT 2009

On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 18:20, Steve Klund<detox at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have the CD for the OS for a Palm Treo 700p (verizon)?
> I just bought the phone, but did not get the OS CD.  I need to reinstall to get some of the apps loaded.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by an "OS CD" for your phone, but
a Google search for "treo 700p cd" revealed this link on Treo Central:


...which has the carrier-specific application CDs for a number of
Treos.  There is a specific link for the Verizon 700p.

Hope that does the trick, but always remember to try a search before
asking for help.

  - Jeff

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