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Hello everyone,

I've been tasked with getting some colo space for my employer, Monty Program.

Our needs are quite modest currently: space for up to a half-dozen
Linux/Unix servers (only two or three initially, I think) with the
main goal being to get our servers into a proper facility (fast
redundant Internet connectivity, clean redundant power, 24x7 facility
monitoring, 24x7 onsite staff, locking racks, proper airflow and
cooling, etc...).

I was looking through the list archives and I see several area
providers mentioned and/or recommended, including:

* Peak10: http://peak10.com
* Celito: http://celito.net
* Intrex: http://intrex.net
* Inflow: http://www.inflow.com
* Springboard: http://www.springboardhosting.com

Of the above, I'm having problems accessing Inflow's and Springboard's
websites. Are they still around?

Of the remaining three, the only provider I have any experience with
is Peak10, and then my experience is only with working in the
facility, not with administration, costs, or provisioning (bandwidth,
power, etc).

Are the above providers good/reliable/friendly/helpful/etc? Are there
any others I should consider? Any personal favorites? Any gotchas with
any of the above or with others in the area?

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Bartholomew

P.S. I'm located in north-east Raleigh (Capital and 540), so bonus
points if you know of a good colo near there. :)
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