[TriLUG] software is free, pizza is not

Phillip Rhodes motley.crue.fan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 16:45:22 EDT 2009

magnus wrote:
> Brian Cottingham wrote:
> So it's not so much that TriLUG never was a 501(c)(3) but somewhere
> along the line someone dropped the ball & stopped filing paperwork with
> the IRS & the state to maintain the LUG's status.
> We talked about this a bit on #trilug and the current SC is showing
> initiative to find an attorney to resolve this matter.
Tri-JUG went through the same thing recently.  I don't know which
attorney they used, but it might
be worthwhile to contact one of their board members and ask.  I have a
feeling they might have some useful advice.


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