[TriLUG] OT: four plotters.. what are they worth?

Greg Brown gwbrown1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 17:20:40 EDT 2009

Hey all.  A good friend has the misfortune of both her parents passing away
in a car accident.  I was brought in to help inventory all the computer
equipment this man acquired.  Grant, one of the decadents, was what you
could call "a collector" in the kindest terms.  Just one of the many things
he acquired was a small stable of plotters and they are as follows:

HP DesignJet 7550m with Ethernet card
HP DesignJet 750c with Ethernet card
HP DesignJet 110 plus (usb and parallel but no Ethernet that I saw)
HP Deskjet 1120c (looks to be parallel only)

A phenomenal amount of toner, pens, printer cartridges, paper and other
supplies where also present.

Do any of these plotters hold any value?  If so does anyone know what they
are worth?

These plotters are currently located just North of Charlotte but I will be
taking several trips down that way in the coming weeks and months so
transportation could be arraigned.


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