[TriLUG] eXtplorer - excellent tool to manage web server files

Ron Kelley rkelleyrtp at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 08:57:16 EST 2009

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email asking what tool people use to track
their notes, etc.  After some deep searching, I found an awesome [FREE] tool
called eXtplorer (http://extplorer.sourceforge.net/).

After you install it on your web server, you can manage *any* file (not just
web root files) on your machine via simple explorer-like interface.  You can
drag/drop folders around, create new files/folders, and even edit text/html
files on the fly - all via web browser.  You can also setup different user
accounts with security settings pointing to a specific directory (ie. guest
can only see /mnt/guest, admin can see all of /, user-a can see only his
home directory, etc).

The background - I need a central location to store all my notes, files,
code, project data, etc - and, the best place to store this is on a web
server.  Problem is, you need to install special code to upload/download
files on your web server, and there is no easy explorer-like tool to manage
them.  Using eXtplorer, I can create notes, etc on-the-fly on my web server
so I can access them anywhere (desktop, laptop, home, on the road, ...).

Best of all, it is free!!!




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