[TriLUG] Southeast Linuxfest 2010

georgia_tech_swagger georgia.tech.swagger at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 13:20:19 EST 2010


We're knee deep in making SELF 2010 happen, from speakers to sponsors. This
year's event will be Saturday June 12 through Sunday June 13 (with some
additional training/certification activities on Friday June 11). It will be
held at the Spartanburg Marriott at Renaissance Park. We already have some
all star features. This year the after party will feature a screening from
RiffTrax, which is the all the same guys who did Mystery Science Theatre
3000 doing the same thing: ripping on classic movies and clips.

If you think you'll attend, I encourage you to book your room IMMEDIATELY,
as you'll get a special $93/night rate. That rate will jump to $99/night
VERY SOON... and eventually become almost $110/night if you procrastinate
until close to the event. To reserve your room at our special rate, please
use this link:


We're looking forward to being bigger, better, and longer in our second ever
event celebrating Linux and open source software in the GNU/South.

Hope to see you there!

Jeremy Sands
Speaker Coordinator
Southeast Linuxfest

PS - Our RFP is open if you're interested in speaking!

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