[TriLUG] Fun Cheap Firewall (or web/email/dns/whatever server)

Kristopher Kane kristopher.kane at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 21:10:28 EST 2010

> http://www.stripes.com/article.asp?section=104&article=58951
> http://www.betanews.com/article/DoD-responds-to-elderly-worm-by-yanking-removable-media/1227562140
To expand on the second article:

If you have ever served in the Army, or other combat oriented
branches/organizations, you remember being drilled from day one to "..always
maintain my arms, my equipment, and myself." Specifically, if you have ever
served in the Infantry, you remember spending a large amount of time tying
down sensitive items to your body during operations.  This same philosophy
never made it in the minds of Soldiers when pertaining to USB mass-storage

Very large amounts of data from classified or official use only networks
could be stored on thumb drives and well, people lose them.  It only takes
the loss of one drive to have a large impact.

CDs/DVDs are inconvenient and hard to miss when going through your laundry
for turn in.

The propagation of malicious code was the other half of that policy


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