[TriLUG] Fun Cheap Firewall (or web/email/dns/whatever server)

Dwain Sims dsims at bayleafnc.org
Mon Jan 18 12:21:55 EST 2010

I used to work on a black project at Lockheed (in CA) from 1984-1990, well
before the days of flash drives.  (even before the days of writeable CDs)
I can just imagine how these devices would have driven the security folks on
that project batty!  Even spinning media was hard for them to deal with.
(once a disk came in the building it never left!)  The idea of a device that
could possibly carry out 16 GB of data (that could be easily slipped into
your shoe) would have driven them over the edge!  They would have insisted
on daily strip searches both coming and going.

Glad I am not dealing with that anymore!


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