[TriLUG] Silent Auction for Samsung CLP-300N Laser Printer

Tarus Balog tarus at opennms.org
Thu Jan 21 10:54:48 EST 2010


I got a Samsung CLP-300N networked laser printer from Apple about a  
year ago when I bought a new laptop. The problem is the print quality  
really comes and goes, and lately it pretty much sucks (lots of fade  
across the page).

I went and got another printer (a Xerox Phaser) and since I don't feel  
comfortable selling the Samsung, I came up with the following:

If you want it, send me a bid (off-list - note that replies default to  
the list). The highest bid by noon on February 10th gets it, and I'll  
bring it to the February 11th meeting. The winning bidder will donate  
the money to TriLUG and I'll give them the printer. In case of a tie,  
first bid wins.

It can probably be fixed with some tinkering, but I don't have the  
time. Comes with the original box and manuals.

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