[TriLUG] Need help with some hardware issues

Carl Schaefer trilug at carls.mm.st
Wed Mar 10 16:06:02 EST 2010

On Wed, 2010-03-10 at 13:34 -0500, Brian Blater wrote:
> I'm building a Mythbuntu box and having a hard time with some hardware.
> I'm running version 9.10 on an AMD box (can't recall the MB at the
> moment.) Anyways, I have a 65GB SATA drive plugged in to the SATA
> port, a 300GB EIDE drive and a DVD-ROM drive connected to the IDE
> channel. Anyways, when I first boot and build Mythbuntu the 300GB
> drive is /dev/sda and the 65GB is /dev/sdb. I'm configuring the 65GB
> with /dev/sdb1 as boot and /dev/sdb3 as /. After everything is
> configured and it reboots for the first time everything is fine. I
> then install updates etc and reboot. Now I end up at the initrams
> prompt and it appears that the 65GB is /dev/sda and the 300GB is
> /dev/sdb.

I'm no expert at this, but when I've had similar troubles I've resolved
them by using paths under /dev/disk instead of /dev/sd?.  Which of
the /dev/disk/by-* options is right for your case may depend on whether
you'd rather name physical or logical partitions.

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