[TriLUG] Just a test...

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Sun Mar 14 20:55:26 EDT 2010

At 8:37pm -0400 Sun, 14 Mar 2010, Rodney Radford wrote:
> Hmmm, this message is also listed as reply to the android thread, 
> so at least it is consistent in behavior.

That's a good question.  I wonder if it's a bug in Mailman?  My mail
client has threaded everything properly:

New thread: What's Android all about?

New thread: WTB: Used Linux Laptop

New thread: Just a test...
  Re: Just a test...

Three different threads, 4 different messages.  As far as I understand
it, the key bits most mail clients look for in the message source is the
"References" and "In-Reply-To" headers.  (Ctrl+U for you Thunderbird
users out there.)  I don't see them in either of the two new threads you
tried to start, so I'm at a loss to explain why Mailman has threaded
them the way it has.

Not that it addresses the problem you've found, but I at least can say
that my favorite non-web mail client doesn't create the problem.  Have
you considered a non-web based avenue (for more reasons than just this!)?

Anyone else know why Mailman's threading it the way it is?



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