[TriLUG] FreeNX Shadow

Jarod Watkins jarodwatkins at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 07:34:58 EDT 2010

Hey Trilug,
I have seen previous talks here before about FreeNX so I am hoping someone
can help me. I have setup the FreeNX server on a Ubuntu Lucid machine from
the ppa. This is setup and working. I installed the no machine client on my
Ubuntu Lucid laptop in order to connect to my desktop. I can connect just
fine if I select Unix and Gnome, however this creates a new session. After
some research I found I wanted to Shadow. After switching the desktop type
to Shadow, the client connects OK but then I am presented with two X0
sessions. I cannot connect to either one, as the following message appears:

NX> 596 Could not find shadowed session 6CE3376402D18A25498480C4151D7158.
Session failed.

NX> 596 Could not find shadowed session B5CA5460CF28F19BC31BCBDEDDE48AB8.
Session failed.

I have rebooted both the FreeNX service and the entire box in an attempt to
get rid of the "ghost" session and attach to my live session. Am I doing
something wrong?

Jarod Watkins

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