[TriLUG] JOB POST: Entry-level Systems Admin at Cisco Systems

Jos Purvis purvis at melete.org
Fri Jul 16 11:04:01 EDT 2010


Just a heads up: we're looking to fill a Systems Admin req in the very
near future (i.e. applications need to be in by the end of July). It's
an entry-level position (post-collegiate up through a few years'
experience, that kind of thing), focused on Windows and Unix systems
administration for our PKI/Identity Services group. To plug for the
position for a moment, this is a terrific company to work for, and a
fantastic group to work with: you'll be working with an entire office
of extremely smart, knowledgeable people with all different kinds of
security experience, and this is a good opportunity to start growing a
security career. This is *REALLY* a sysadmin position, though, not a
network engineer: you'll be helping us support a small herd of servers
and services that enable billions of dollars in revenue in a 24/7
That said, here's the skinny on the job:
		- Fluent with Solaris and/or Red Hat systems administration
(somewhere between "Novice" and "Junior" on the SAGE scale);
		- Fluent with Windows systems administration (same level)
		- Able to articulate basic information about SSL and PKI (e.g. "What
is PKI?" "How does an SSL handshake work?");
		- Comfortable with fundamental TCP/IP networking concepts (basic
addressing and routing);
		- Able to function in a team environment that works hard and plays hard.
	Extra points if you have:
		- Some knowledge of scripting languages (Perl, Shell);
		- Some knowledge of Java/.NET programming;
		- Experience with Apache/Tomcat, database technologies (Oracle,
MySQL, SQL Server), VMware ESX, smart card technologies, or Clearcase.
The req for this position is R863940; you can check it out by going to
the Cisco jobs page and searching for that requisition ID, or use this
If you're interested, please email me a copy of your resume, so I can
forward it to the hiring manager (my boss) ASAP. Thanks!


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