[TriLUG] htaccess multilayer question

Clay Stuckey cstuckey at govsg.com
Tue Aug 17 08:28:06 EDT 2010

>From memory, you need to specify the security stuff in your httpd.conf file. Create a directory section for each and put the mojo in there. I'll look for some config snippets when I get to work. 

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On Aug 17, 2010, at 8:21 AM, "Roy Vestal" <rvestal at trilug.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
>  I have a dev server that I have the main webdir setup with .htaccess. 
> I have multiple dirs below that to which I would like to have 
> *different* creds using .htaccess.
> Currently I have:
> http://site/.htaccess
> http://site/dir1/.htaccess
> When accessing http://site/dir1, I can connect using the creds listed in 
> http://site/dir1/.htaccess. However, after authenticating, it asks for 
> the creds from http://site/.htaccess
> So, how do I get it to check ONLY the http://site/dir1/.htaccess creds?  
> I've been all over docs.apache.org, tldp, and google. Nothing has worked 
> so far.
> TIA,
> -Roy
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