[TriLUG] small distribution for older laptop

Scott G. Hall ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net
Tue Aug 17 19:09:28 EDT 2010

Christopher Blackmon wrote:
> I'd like to get a small distribution to install on an older laptop and
> am looking for suggestions.

I have just been through this this summer -- Pentium-1s, AND 5x86's, and
Pentium-2s and so on.

You can't go wrong with Puppy Linux; also good with small-scale x86 computers
and controller boards.  You will need to add whatever applications you desire.

Absolute Linux is a rounded out version of Slackware with IceWM.

Lubuntu, uses LXDE but somewhat slower than the two above (though still
faster than Win98 on the same platforms).

Tiny Core is BusyBox based and uses FLTK and flwm.  Minimal beyond getting
up and running -- you will need to add applications from repositories.

TinyMe is even smaller, a base-essentials Linux based on Unity, which is
good in its own right, and in turn based on Mandriva.

I use mostly Lubuntu (when it runs decently) for desktops.  Absolute for
a home server or utilitarian system.  And Puppy for almost anything else.

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA
ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net

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