[TriLUG] Free DNS hosting revisited:

Jim jjtuttle at trilug.org
Thu Aug 19 12:39:28 EDT 2010

On 08/19/2010 10:40 AM, matt at noway2.thruhere.net wrote:
> I too have been using DynDNS.  I have been using them for about 18 months
> now.  I have both the "free" domain and I have used them to register a
> couple of other domains.  The thing about the free domains is that it
> needs to be a sub-domain of one of theirs.
> I have used their paid DNS service, called custom DNS for one of my
> domains before deciding to host it myself.  As I had a paid services with
> them, I was not subject to the 30 day timeout.
> I used to have a dynamic IP from TWC, which changed a couple of times.  I
> did not try using their software for updates and instead tried to use my
> Netgear router for this function which supposedly supported them.  It
> never worked and a change of IP caused a loss of connectivity until I
> manually restored it.
> Overall, I too am happy with DynDNS and my 'free' domain with them has
> never caused me any trouble, or failed to resolve as long as it pointed to
> the correct location.
>> On Aug 19, 2010, at 10:00 AM, John Broome wrote:
>>> I and some others recommended ZoneEdit for hosting free DNS when this
>>> topic came up in February.
>>> They are changing their policies on 8/27 to limit the free domains to
>>> two only.   http://update.zoneedit.com/
>>> the tl;dr is existing free accounts that have ever purchased a zone
>>> credit can keep their five free zones.
>>> New accounts only get two zones instead of five.
>>> Existing accounts that have never purchased a zone credit will be
>>> dripped down to two zones; the first two that were added will remain
>>> free.  If you buy a zone credit btw now and the 27th you can keep your>
>>> 2 zones.
>>> Suggestions in the previous thread were:
>>> DurableDNS.com  (pay)
>>> EasyDNS.com (pay)
>>> backupdns.com (pay but damn cheap)
>>> https://dns.he.net/ (free for 25 domains)
>> I've use http://dyndns.org and always been happy with them.  They give
>> your 5 free hosts per domain, I don't know how many domains you can use.
>> I've only used the for dynamic dns for my home router.  So I've never
>> tried to fully host my DNS with them. I would guess if your needed more
>> than 5 hosts, you could create a second free account for another domain.
>> They do time out your free account if they don't get dynamic dns updates
>> for over 30 days.  Again they may be better for dynamic dns for your cable
>> modem, than to host your entire DNS setup with.  Not sure what services
>> you actually need based upon your email.
>> Matt P.

I use DynDNS for the same purpose- TWBC-connected router.  My router 
running DD-WRT updates Dyndns successfully.  Super useful service.

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