[TriLUG] OT What local tv service do you use with your mythtv?

Jimmy Dorff jdorff at phy.duke.edu
Fri Oct 15 12:11:00 EDT 2010

I'm in the process of setting up:
TWC Digital cable box -> component -> hauppauge hd dvr -> usb -> mythtv

As of now everything works apart from changing channels on the cable 
box. I have a new IR blaster that should fix this, but haven't had time 
to install it yet.

We also have a Tivo HD with cable card and tuning adapter. That works, 
but TWC sets the copy protect flag on all of the non-broadcast hd 
channels (at least the ones I tried), so you can't use Tivo desktop to 
transfer hd recordings to your laptop or portable device. I think this 
also means that Tivo Multi-Room Viewing doesn't work for these channels.

I've been the most happy with a self built antenna that picks up local 
broadcast great (apart from ABC11, for which I built a special Yagi 


On 10/15/2010 08:10 AM, Mark Kempster wrote:
> I used a tivo with time-warner basic cable for years. I added a mythtv
> near the end, and then about a year ago switched to Uverse
> It's a fine service, but we've had trouble with the hardware (nothing
> a tech and service call couldn't handle) half a dozen times, we have a
> finicky second unit, the tech guys all seem to do something different
> to 'fix' whatever's the problem, and the price could be better.
> The latest hurdle that I haven't overcome is some way to copy a show
> I've recorded onto my laptop for watching elsewhere. From the purist's
> side of me, the fact that the set-top boxes run some flavor of windows
> just doesn't sit very well. The UI isn't the easiest to use, and there
> have even been some comments from my wife that some things were easier
> on the tivo and the myth.
> I'm just not as thrilled with the whole deal as I was hoping for, and
> I'm considering the switch to another service that will let me use my
> mythtv again. I'd like to stay legal and with a 'normal' tv stream -
> I'm not ready to make the leap of buying or downloading every show the
> family wants to watch.
> If you're using mythtv, what local service to you use it with?
> Thanks for your advice and input.
> Mark

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