[TriLUG] RTP WUG meeting next Tuesday...

Rob Rousseau ki4bke at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 24 12:41:00 EST 2010

RTP WebSphere User Group Meeting - November 30th, 2010 - XC 10 Demo /
OSGI and JPA Hands-On Lab.

Time and Location
Nov 30, 2010 - 6:00PM EST
Nov 30, 2010 - 8:00PM EST
SWG Executive Briefing Center, Building 002, IBM RTP

We have two exciting topics lined up for this month’s WUG meeting on
November 30th.  Leading off, we will have a demo of the WebSphere
DataPower XC10 Appliance.  You may recall a previous meeting where we
introduced the new XC10 appliance.  This month’s demo will be a
follow-on session where Charles Levay will show us how to use an XC10
appliance to cache http session data in an elastic data grid and
provide http session fail-over between two WebSphere cells.  Charles
is a software engineer for IBM in RTP in the Software Group’s
WebSphere Technical Evangelism Team. He is an advocate for elastic
caching in the enterprise for WebSphere Application Server and
WebSphere stack products.  Blog:

Next up, we will have a hands-on lab with the new WAS Feature Pack for
OSGi Applications and JPA 2.0.  This feature pack delivers a
pre-integrated application framework to help increase developer
productivity and time to value. The feature pack delivers open
community and standards-based implementations of the OSGi Blueprint
Container specification and Java EE 6 JPA 2.0 along with the ability,
optionally, to assemble, deploy, and manage applications as a
collection of versioned OSGi bundles.

WUG members will perform live lab exercises with RAD v8, to understand
how an OSGi application using Blueprint is created and deployed, to
learn how to manage an OSGi application, and to learn about Java
persistence with JPA APIs.

We have three software developers from the Software Group in the RTP
Lab that will be assisting with the hands-on lab.  Nichole Stewart is
a test engineer for the WebSphere Application Server System Test team.
She was lead for the OSGi / JPA Feature Pack test for WAS and is now
the ENT persona owner for WAS testing.  Lin Sun is a software engineer
for the WebSphere Open Source Development Team. She is a committer and
PMC member for the Apache Geronimo and Apache Aries.  Ryan Boyles is a
software engineer for the WebSphere Technical Evangelism Team. He is a
developer advocate for emerging technology focused on open source
products. Blog: websphereemerge.blogspot.com

You will need to RSVP via this link:
More information is here:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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