[TriLUG] CentOS 5.5: kickstart shmall and shmmax woes

Lance A. Brown lance at bearcircle.net
Sat Jan 8 11:00:09 EST 2011

Brian Weaver said the following on 1/7/2011 17:36:
> We use a tool to copy all the RPMS for the distribution into a single
> directory. Once that is done the ISO is built from that single source
> and the RPMs are served via HTTP from the single source too. Nope,
> beyond a doubt it's using the same RPMs. If you compare the
> %{name},%{version},%{release},%{epoch} from all the install RPMS in
> the rpm database on an ISO and network install the sorted output is
> identical

Then it must be something anaconda is doing differently based on CDROM
or network install.  But that doesn't make a lick of sense either.


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