[TriLUG] volunteer needed to pull weeds from the wiki

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Thu Feb 10 11:37:52 EST 2011

Yesterday, I noticed that there were some new changes
to the TriLUG wiki that looked like vandalism or maybe
even images with security exploits in them (I did not
look closely enough to tell, but why else would someone
post images of an air conditioning repair crew to our
Linux site?).

You can see the changes here.

Would someone like to go through the recent changes and
prune the weeds from the wiki?  That would be a big help
to the group.

If you decide that we need some sort of update to our
user-creation process, please propose changes, plug-in's,
etc that we could use to keep this from happening again.

Please send responses to steering at trilug.org.

Many thanks.



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