[TriLUG] virtualization stacks for linux servers

Warren Myers volcimaster at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 09:55:03 EDT 2011

At home I run VirtualBox and VMware Workstation (had been running Fusion
till I had to give my Mac back when switching jobs - sad day).

In every customer environment I've yet been in, VMware has been the only
route to virtualization. I've seen a couple very small pilots of Hyper-V,
and a little bit with Solaris Zones: but Solaris is being phased-out
everywhere I go.

I switch between VirtualBox and Workstation at home based on what kind of
pre-built VM I need to run (when I build my own, they're always VMware).


2011/4/7 Cristóbal Palmer <cmp at cmpalmer.org>

> What are you using? Maybe...
> * Homebrew with all open source components
> * Ganeti
> * OpenStack
> * VMware (in its various flavors)
> * Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
> * Citrix Xen
> * Oracle VM
> (the list goes on....)
> I'm more interested in what drove you to use one stack over
> alternatives you considered than in the details of what stack you're
> using, so if in composing your reply you would focus on the relative
> merits of what you picked compared to the alternatives, that would be
> great. At the risk of repeating myself, I'm not terribly interested
> (here, now) in the relative merits of kvm and xen, but I am interested
> in the relative merits of higher-level management tools. You might be
> using zones or some other interesting virtualization off in
> non-linux-land, but for the purposes of this thread let's stick to
> comparisons of virtualization solutions that support Linux-based
> guests.
> Pointers to articles which discuss the relative merits of VM
> management tools/frameworks are also welcome.
> Thanks!
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> Cristóbal Palmer
> Systems Administrator
> University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Warren Myers

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