[TriLUG] virtualization stacks for linux servers

William Chandler wcchandler at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 10:58:57 EDT 2011

I'm a hardware tester at IBM and my team tests KVM, Xen and VMware ESX.

I usually tend to follow open source projects that have some kind of
monetary interest.  The reason being the "Hit by a bus principle," which
states that tomorrow anybody or everybody could die.  And if they do, will
your project die along with them?  People who have money invested in
something will probably throw more money at it to try and keep it alive --
and as such, I usually stick to these solutions.  I'd stick to whatever a
big corporation is pushing.  Call me a leming if you must.

The attitude here seems to be very pro-KVM.

- W

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