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> OK. Thanks for nudge.
> I did the survey. Nicely laid out. Useful prefatory statements here and
> there.
> Had to look up your use of  'grue.'
> Here is your trivia for the day:
> pedigree derives from pied de grue, French for 'foot of the crane'
> (bird), which is what some of the charts look like.

I want to tell everybody involved that the survey was a lot of fun to do
and actually quite informative.  There were a lot of member benefits
that I was unaware of (like shell access).

My favorite question was the "level of enthusiasm."  I don't have a Tux
or GNU tattoo, but I did dress my son as Beastie for Halloween when he
was 2[1] ;)  His choice believe it or not!


[1]  http://www.unc.edu/~adamsonj/software/beastie-howto.xhtml

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