[TriLUG] Local Internships?

Rodney Radford rradford at mindspring.com
Mon May 9 14:36:25 EDT 2011

>I am not interested in a company thats going to require me to use windows as my main desktop.

While I can understand both the technical and use reasons for saying the above, be careful in making ultimatums when looking for work - even if well founded.  There are plenty of people out there competing for the same work, and you don't want to set the perception that you would be willing to work outside a comfort zone/box if needed (ie: windows occasionally now, or perhaps weekends on a high priority schedule, or maybe filling in for a grunge project for a short period between more fun jobs, etc).

Some of my more 'favorite' jobs started off as having a few negatives that were easily out-shadowed by more favorable surprised that I did not see during the interview - so stay open and have fun.

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