[TriLUG] JOB -- Java developer (desired: SNMP, CentOS, networking)

Guus Bosman Guus.Bosman at raritan.com
Tue May 10 15:17:25 EDT 2011



We're Raritan, located on Jones Franklin Road in Raleigh. For our
product Power IQ we're looking for a junior Java developer. Here's the
official write-up, it should be on our site soon


If you're interested, please e-mail me or careers at raritan.com. 


The description:


We're looking for a junior developer with Java experience who is
ambitious and wants to become a great developer. Ideally, you'd know
something about SNMP or a similar protocol but it's not a hard


Our product Power IQ, a power management tool, is deployed in hundreds
of data centers around the world. We support a large number of power
strips and other hardware appliances. We communicate with those using
SNMP. (http://www.raritan.com/products/power-management/power-iq)


We're looking for a software engineer who can help us maintain and
expand support for these 3rd party systems. You'll work directly with
our customers to determine what their needs are.


In addition, you'll be working on the main product to add new features
to the product. Mainly in Java, but if you're interested in (learning)
Ruby on Rails, modern JavaScript or Linux scripting etc there is room
for that also.


Best regards,




Guus Bosman

Engineering Manager, Raritan

Cell: (703) 346 9113

Office: (800) 724 8090 ext. 1550

http://www.raritan.com <http://www.raritan.com/> 


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