[TriLUG] OT: for sale - Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-T1; for giveaway - Dell PE2600

David M. turnpike420 at gmail.com
Thu May 26 13:30:37 EDT 2011

Hi all.  The company I work for would like to unload a couple items...

For sale:
Condition - Used.  EBay is currently listing the item for sale at
prices ranging from $845 - $6000+.  About 5+ years ago it was a $8000 card.
More specifically the sticker on this fax board reads: TR1034+P8H-T1-ON

I'll take a few offers and entertain the best one.  No public bidding wars,
so make a silent offer to me privately.  I'll look for offers through 4PM
Tuesday 5/31/2011, best offers wins.  We used this to handle 8 fax channels
with RightFax Fax Server for a few years.  The channels were delivered to us
via a T1 card via our PRI based phone system.  We have switched to FOIP in a
VM and no longer need it.  I believe its firmware set to run V.17 though it
is capable of also running V.34 and whatever else Dialogic/Brooktrout claims
this card will do.  No warranty, sold as is.  Item was in good working order
when the physical server was officially turned off and decommissioned.  If
the card flat out doesn't work, we can of course reverse the sale.  :)

For giveaway (FREE, you come and get it):
Condition - Used
Dell PE2600 5U rack mount server, Dell Service Tag:  97G0W41
1 x 2.4GHz/512K 533MHz FSB Xeon (1 open slot)
1GB DDR SDRAM 266MHz (2x512MB, 4 open slots)
4 x 18GB 15K U320 SCSI HD (2 open slots)
PERC4/Di 128MB (2 internal channels)
1x6 backplane
1.44 floppy (omg!)
PV110T DLTVS80 40/80GB Tape drive
Rapid Rails
dual power supply
1 x 1gig onboard eth
the lock on the front cover disintegrated a couple years ago.
... and to think this server was $6700 after tax/ship when originally
purchased (not including the above fax board)... dang!!
worked fine last time it was turned on (this is the machine we had the above
TR1034 card in)

David McDowell

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