[TriLUG] back up your $HOME

Michael Peters mpeters at plusthree.com
Fri May 27 10:28:15 EDT 2011

On 05/27/2011 10:24 AM, Alan Porter wrote:
>> I stop the MySQL instance before I take the backup.
> I do a mysqldump and back that up.  It dumps all of the
> table data to ready-to-import SQL statements in a text
> file.

This is fine for lots of people. But mysqldump will lock the database to 
get a consistent snapshot of things. For most people ik ok to have a 
lock for a couple of minutes (or seconds if your data is small enough) 
late at night. For some people it's not.

And the text files from mysqldump should be very amendable to an 
rsync/diff/incremental backup.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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