[TriLUG] New WiFi router needed: TriLUG opinions wanted

Neil L. Little nllittle at embarqmail.com
Tue Jun 14 16:28:24 EDT 2011

Astron has a line of very reliable power supplies

Alinco has a nice switching supply

For DC distribution I use:
I like this because it uses the anderson power pole connectors.

These can be purchased at places like
AES: www.aesham.com
Ham Radio Outlet: http://www.hamradio.com/

Neil, WA4AZL

Lance A. Brown wrote:
> Neil L. Little wrote:
>> First thing I do with these embedded devices, is chuck the wall wart and
>> hook it up to a clean stable and isolated dc source.
>> That has resolved most of my "flakey" issues (WRT54GL).
> Such as?  I've seen this recommendation several times but no one ever
> actually recommends a replacement power supply. :-)
> --[Lance]

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