[TriLUG] September 8 meeting: Making Debian Packages

Justis Peters justis.peters at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 22:03:37 EDT 2011

Topic: Making Debian Packages
Presenter: Igor Partola
When: 7PM, Thursday September 8, 2011
Where:Red Hat Worldwide Headquarters 

Have you ever wished you could `apt-get install allmyapps`? After this 
presentation you can!

Deploying software to a production environment often presents challenges 
to those charged with infrastructure and operations. It is typical for 
each piece of software to come with a separate deployment and startup 
procedure, a unique layout of configuration files, and a different 
logging strategy.

Using the standard Debian package format is one way to unify software 
deployment. TriLUG member Igor Partola will be showing how to use Debian 
packages to create a powerful and flexible build and deploy process for 
your software.

The talk will include a tutorial portion showing how to prepare and 
package a piece of existing software, as well as a discussion of how to 
set up repositories for hosting your packages.

Igor Partola works as a developer and "man behind the curtain" at 
TransLoc Inc where, amongst other things, he has packaged most of the 
software stack as Debian packages. He has a wide array of interests in 
software engineering, including web applications and web application 
infrastructure and operations, mobile development and networking.

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