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David Black dave at jamsoft.com
Tue Oct 4 13:24:09 EDT 2011

I once put this combination together, and it worked well:

. Subversion
. Apache with mod_svn and autoversioning enabled, authenticating to the corp AD/LDAP
. Swish-E for full text search, reindexing via cron job every so often

The people who "just wanted a folder" got web folder (DAV) access.  The root of the document tree had a README and a link to the Swish-E web interface for searching.  Others chose an SVN client for metadata and versioning.

KnowledgeTree also has a WebDAV interface, as well as workflows.   It needed a server to itself.  The above is lightweight.  KT now makes you fill out a form to get to the community version, but I'm pretty sure it's available as RPM and DEBs.


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> Gang:
> Can anyone recommend an open source document management system that
> has some sane package management support? Both Alfresco and Nuxeo
> seem to think tarballs are a valid way to distribute enterprise
> software, and I want to use something that I can install and upgrade
> via either yum or apt.
> Suggestions, or am I SOL?
> -T
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