[TriLUG] OT: Marketing from Red Hat?

Sean Korb spkorb at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 08:14:20 EDT 2011

I just got some very well costructed spam in my snail mail box.  It's
a large envelope with a return address Red Ha 1801 Varsity Dr. Raleigh
NC 27606 hand written.  The post park is North Texas 390 and the
package is earplugs and a card that  says "Don't just be a spectator,
Sean.  Start your engines at:  www.GetIntoTheRace.com/SeanKorb" plus a
clip on "Pit Pass" badge.  A wget for the site doesn't reveal much
except exclusive use of Flash and Java Script.

The domain is registered by GoDaddy so the owners are properly proxied
away from me.  Is this a Red Hat marketing device or just plain old
abuse?  Usualy Red Hat is very up front about how it markets to
potential customers.  And ummmm... they don't usualy use Flash and
Javascript in their web pages.

I think the next step is to bring this to Red Hat's attention, but if
anyone gets a similar mailing, I wanted to warn them.  It could be
something they've contraced out to an external supplier, and they
should know how unpleasent it all looks without getting as far as
looking at it.


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