[TriLUG] Net Neutrality under attack again

P L Charles Fischer cfischer at modernferrotype.com
Mon Nov 7 14:59:45 EST 2011

There is a big difference between net neutrality and web site filtering 
services.  If my ISP wants to offer a porn blocking that is fine.  If my 
ISP insists on blocking porn that is not OK.  OK, maybe porn is a bad 

To say the the regulation is a hysterical reaction to a hypothetical 
problem and then talk about ClearWire is a bit odd.  There is some 
competition for ClearWire, but for a lot of us the cable or phone 
companies are all we have.  The monopoly that a lot of us have to put up 
with is immune to market pressures.  Under the current rules Comcast 
slowed BitTorrent users because they wanted to.  It could have been any 
service and for a lot of Comcast users there would have had no viable 
alternative ISP.

This is very light touch regulation.  Do what is right and you have 
noting to worry about.  Abuse your monopoly and get in trouble.

Text can be found at: http://e-lobbyist.com/gaits/text/192687

Charles Fischer

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