[TriLUG] Postfix, Thunderbird and Submission

Brian McCullough bdmc at bdmcc-us.com
Mon Nov 28 10:04:28 EST 2011


Last night I fired up Thunderbird in my Ubuntu box ( 3.1.15 in a 10.10 environment, if I remember correctly ), and discovered that it ( the combination of Thunderbird and Postfix with Dovecot ) was not happy at all about delivering mail that I composed in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is configured to send to port 587 with TLS on my mail server.

I went through the SASL documentation in /usr/doc/postfix and followed the suggestions there, the parts that were not already in my main.cf, and was able to start sending mail.  

However, I discovered a while later that I was not receiving anything at all through port 25.

I removed the additions and mail started flowing again, but I expect that I will not be able to send mail using Thunderbird any more.

Would moving those changes from main to master ( on port 587 ) be a reasonable solution, or am I out of luck?


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