[TriLUG] Postfix, Thunderbird and Submission

Brian McCullough bdmc at bdmcc-us.com
Mon Nov 28 11:52:01 EST 2011

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 10:39:50AM -0500, Aaron Schrab wrote:
> At 07:04 -0800 28 Nov 2011, Brian McCullough <bdmc at bdmcc-us.com> wrote:
> Generally, you'd want to do general setup of SASL in main.cf, then
> just override the smtpd_*_restrictions for the submission port in
> master.cf.
> Here's what I have in master.cf for the submission port:
> submission inet n       -       -       -       -       smtpd
>    -o smtpd_tls_security_level=encrypt
>    -o smtpd_helo_restrictions=permit
>    -o smtpd_client_restrictions=permit_sasl_authenticated,reject

This is interesting. What I had in master for the submission port almost exactly matched yours, although I seem to have an extra clause, "-o milter_macro_daemon_name=ORIGINATING".

However, examining both main.cf and master.cf, I don't seem to have any other milter configuration.

What I added to main.cf were, as far as I can see my comparing old and new, a "smtpd_sender_login_maps" entry and its corresponding "reject_sender_login_mismatch" in the recipient restrictions.   I will have to try Thunderbird again after I get back to that machine, now that I have commented out those items.


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