[TriLUG] Hackathon for 20-somethings in woods near Southpoint next Friday

R Radford rradford at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 12 17:12:36 EDT 2012

Hackathon in the woods?

Sounds more like a snipe hunt to me (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snipe_hunt),
but perhaps I am just too old to understand... ;-)

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 4:41 PM, Eric Butter <hola at ericbeurre.com> wrote:

> TriLUGers:
> Apologies for posting even though I have yet to attend an event (next
> openWRT project is on my todo list, though, for sure!)
> If any of you are 20-something (or young at heart, perhaps ...) and want to
> join us for an a-professional hackathon next Friday in the woods near
> Southpoint, please email me for the address.  More details are below.
> Cheers,
> Eric Butter
> hola at ericbeurre.com
> (607-759-5959)
> **
> I just confirmed space for the first "barely socially functional" hackathon
> (hard/soft/wetware) at 2921 Rutgers Place, a really tight house in the
> woods near Southpoint, on Friday, March 23.
> We will have a couple kegs (possibly from Fullsteam -- still negotiating
> that out, not officially allowed).  We are appealing to 20-something
> engineers in Durham and students <cough, cough, over 21> who love building
> and creating.  We have plenty of space to crash for the night, if people
> want to keep the nerd party rolling into the morning.
> We ask people to bring project ideas, or crazy skills to help others get
> their nerdy projects on a roll.  No business-related projects allowed --
> this is a purely social event.  People should email me for the address (or
> to meet me before the event, if they would like!), and post their project
> ideas here (bit.ly/barelysociallyfunctional).
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