[TriLUG] OT: Questions about AT&T U-verse

bak bak at picklefactory.org
Thu Mar 15 16:47:10 EDT 2012

I've had U-verse @ 18 down, 2 up for about... two years? Something like that.

I don't have a static IP, but my IP has never changed during that time, so that hasn't yet been a problem.

No outages. Every time I have checked speeds have been exactly as advertised. I can steadily clear about 220KB/s up and 2200KB/sec down.

Their router is lame. I just forward its ports to an internal one.

They also have not implemented a cap for me.

As far as mail service goes, I use a VPS from somewhere else. They block outbound port 25, which is why you tell your VPS running postfix to accept mail on the well-known submission port (589). :)


On Mar 15, 2012, at 4:11 PM, David Both wrote:

> Does anyone have any recent experience with AT&T U-verse?
> I am thinking of dropping my TWC TC Cable and TW Business Class Internet and going with ATT which has a better price and higher Internet speeds while providing static IP addresses for a modest fee. TW only does static IPs with Business Class. And my cable TV cost is outrageous even with the so-called "retention" which is a lot less benefit when you only have the TV and not the full 3-way package.
> I am looking for information on QOS, advertised speed vs actual, overall satisfaction, and any service issues and satisfaction with ATT response to problems.
> Any help would be appreciated.
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