[TriLUG] OT: If you like heavy metal check out the Kickstarter for my upcoming album

adam at linkedlistcorruption.com adam at linkedlistcorruption.com
Wed Mar 21 10:17:26 EDT 2012

Hi All!

For anyone not sure who I am I man the door every meeting. I also presented on dm-multipath recently and on music production in Linux a while back.

I am currently recording an album. It is an independent effort but it is going to sound quite good (imho.) I was going to sell it via iTunes and Amazon but I didn't quite like having my music released under a restrictive license and behind a paywall. Well, long story short (too late) I spoke with Justis after the last meeting and he convinced me to give Kickstarter a shot, so that's what I'm doing!

Kickstarter (if you haven't heard about it) is a way to crowd-source funding for creative projects. Recording my album hasn't been obscenely expensive but it does cost money to hire a recording engineer, getting studio time, hiring a mastering engineer, and printing CDs. I'm hoping to raise enough to cover the costs. If I can I will release the album for free under a Creative Commons license.

The Kickstarter page is here:

Please consider checking it out. If you like metal music and music about horror, sci fi, and the occult then consider pledging. This isn't a begging plea for cash though so if you know me and would want to help but aren't interested in metal music or would find the content offensive (occult references, some cursing) then please don't feel pressured to pledge. If you aren't interested yourself but may know someone who is please feel free to pass it on.

Thanks All. Sorry for the long OT post :)

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