[TriLUG] any Raspberry Pi owners out there?

Pete Soper pete at soper.us
Mon Apr 30 19:29:25 EDT 2012

I forwarded the explanation from Element14/Newark but it was too long. 
The summary (my translation) "Sorry, mid-August is the current date, but 
we hope to beat that. You folks outside the UK were screwed wrt to the 
first manufacturing run from the start, but then it came out that the Pi 
people thought they could ignore FCC testing requirements. They were 


On 04/30/2012 01:46 PM, Alan Porter wrote:
> Does anyone in the group have a Raspberry Pi yet?
> Interesting in showing it at a meeting?
> Have you taught it any tricks?
> Reply here or to steering at trilug.org.
> We're thinking about presentation ideas, maybe by itself,
> and maybe with some other sorts of open source hardware.

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