[TriLUG] LVM InitRAMfs

Brian McCullough bdmc at bdmcc-us.com
Wed May 2 00:17:17 EDT 2012

On Wed, May 02, 2012 at 12:04:09AM -0400, Alan Porter wrote:
> >I have tried "update-initramfs -u" several times, with no improvement.
> Are you sure that /boot is mounted when you ran update-initramfs? Was it 
> mounted in the correct place? I have generated initramfs files before that 
> got poked into an otherwise-empty /boot mountpoint, leaving the actual boot 
> partition untouched. It's something to check.

It's a good thought, Alan.  Unfortunately, I am definitely changing the
initrd in /boot.

OK, I have tried putting my "scriptlet" into init-premount,
local-premount and init-bottom.  In init-premount I get different error
messages, but in all cases the LVM filesystems are not getting mounted
when they are needed.


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